10 Self-Defense Tools For Women: What To Do When Weapons Aren’t An Option

10 Self-Defense Tools For Women: What To Do When Weapons Aren't An Option

When you think of self-defense weapons, chances are you think of guns and knives.

But these are not always viable to use, such as if you don’t feel comfortable handling them or you worry about their legal status in your city.

Shouldn’t you just get self-defense training?

Self-defense training can help you protect yourself, but it’s always valuable to have tools to help you more, especially if your attacker is much larger than you.

With that in mind, let’s explore non-lethal tools to use for self-defense. Here’s a rundown of some of the most effective tools to thwart your attacker and make your escape. 


Best Self-Defense Tools For Women

#1 Pepper Spray


This is one of the most commonly-used tools for women to defend themselves against potential attacks.

What’s great about pepper spray is that you can find it disguised as other products, such as lipsticks or pens, which makes it easier to carry on your person or keychain.

Pepper spray is basically a chemical inflammatory agent that irritates the eyes and nose, causing burning, pain, difficulty breathing, and even temporary blindness. 

#2 Tactical Flashlight


A tactical flashlight works well as a self-defense tool because it emits a much brighter light than that of an ordinary flashlight. This means you can blind your attacker to flee the situation.

If you find yourself taken by surprise by your attacker and you don’t have a weapon on you to defend yourself, you’ll be glad to remember that tactical flashlights usually have spikes on them.

#3 Personal Alarm


This is a useful tool to use as it will take your attacker by surprise. How this alarm works is that it makes a really loud sound when you activate it that will draw attention to you.

Some personal alarms can even send your current GPS location to contacts or authorities if you need help.

#4 Keys


This is a very basic self-defense tool that can come in handy. By holding your keys in your hand, you have a tool ready that can help you to defend yourself if you’re attacked.

However, it’s important to hold the keys properly to give you the best outcome. While it’s been said that you should hold the keys between your individual fingers, this can injure your hand.

It’s better to carry your keys in your fist so that their sharp edges come out the bottom of your hand.

#5 Hairspray Or Perfume


If you carry hairspray or perfume in your handbag, it can easily become a self-defense tool.

Spraying these items in your attacker’s face will take them by surprise and burn their eyes without doing any permanent damage, giving you the chance to escape.

#6 Hot Coffee


If you’re regularly walking around with hot coffee in your hand, make it work for you as a self-defense tool. If you’re attacked it’s the perfect thing to throw in your attacker’s face.

This will throw them off and burn them so you can get away.

#7 Coins


Got some spare change lying around? Carry it in your pocket. If someone tries to grab you, throw a fistful of coins in their face. This is something they won’t expect, and it can hurt.

The key is to keep the coins in your pocket, not in a bag, so that you can easily grab them.

#8 Whistle


While this won’t give you any way of defending yourself physically against an attacker, a whistle is a good way to take your attacker by surprise and draw attention to the situation.

However, note that with both whistles and personal alarms, it always helps to have a backup self-defense tool handy should you need it.

#9 Necklace


If you wear jewelry on a regular basis, you might want to invest in a necklace made of stainless steel beads. This is an excellent tool for self-defense.

You can also find some of these necklaces that have cords made of steel wire rope so they won’t break.

If you walk with this piece of jewelry wrapped around your hand, it can add more force to your strike if your attacker comes at you and you have to defend yourself.

#10 Paddle Brush


If you carry a hairbrush in your handbag, you should make sure it’s a paddle brush. This has strong bristles that can easily inflict pain by scratching your attacker, even if you just strike their forearm with it.

And, since it has a handle, it’s easy to swipe at your attacker.  

Tips For Staying Safe When You’re Alone

Tips For Staying Safe When You’re Alone
  • Be aware of your surroundings. Avoid looking at your phone or being distracted when you’re walking alone. If you’re distracted, you’re an easy target.
  • Keep your self-defense tool handy. You don’t want to fumble around in your purse for your tool – make sure you have it in your hand so that you can deploy it without hesitation.
  • Act fast. You don’t want to wait for what move your attacker is going to make. Be proactive by preparing your tool and using it before they can get too close to grab you, such as if that means throwing the hot coffee at them or spraying them with pepper spray.
  • Run away and call for help. Get away from your attacker and run to a safe place. Self-defense tools will only give you a few seconds to get away. Move quickly so that you can call for help. 

Related Questions 

Is pepper gel better than liquid spray?


Choose pepper gel instead of pepper spray. It travels further than the liquid spray and doesn’t blow back into your face so you won’t get hurt if you have to use it.

Should you use your cell phone to strike an attacker?

If you need to defend yourself, you might consider using your cell phone as a weapon.

While this can help you in a dangerous situation, it’s worth bearing in mind you might lose your phone and that could be problematic if you need to call for help after the attack. 


If you need to find ways to defend yourself when you’re outside of the home, you don’t have to be limited to a gun or knife.

There are many other ways in which you can protect yourself. In this article, we’ve featured 10 self-defense tools that you might already have lying around the house.

These can help you to escape your attacker and get to a place of safety. 


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